Asociación Refugio de Esperanza (Hope Haven Guatemala) is an organization that provides employment to people with disabilities, manufactures and provides aids to give more then just mobility.
Hope Haven of Guatemala - Refugio de Esperanza de Guatemala
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Dateline 28 December 2012:

Welcome to Hope Haven Guatemala
Refugio de Esperanza works closely with aid organizations and development, mission groups and individuals in different.

Two stories that show appreciation to HOPE HAVEN
Claudia is a person who attended Hope Haven will adapt to any computer on which it could mobilize. On the physical state in which it is prevented from sitting so the forces standing or lying only , therefore could not give a wheelchair . At first we did not know which team to help ...

Pictured ... man in wheelchair at work. Hope Haven Guatemala [Refugio de Esperanza] employee Gustavo is handicapped, Gustavo is sitting at this workbench, working on building a wheelchair for a child who needs a wheelchair but cannot afford one.

Video Description: Hope Haven employee Gustavo in his wheelchair, assembling a KidChair frame for another child who needs a wheelchair but cannot afford one.
The culture that crawls, and the children whom The Father serves.