About ua, Hope Haven in Guatemala. We make wheelchairs for disabled who cannot afford them. In much of the world, many people who cannot walk must crawl on their stomachs all their lives.
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About Refugio de Esperanza [Hope Haven]
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Dateline: 2000
Refugio de Esperanza is Established
In 2008, HHIM established Refugio de Esperanza (Hope Haven in Spanish), located in the beautiful area of Antigua, Guatemala.  The facility is a warehouse used for assembling and manufacturing the KidChair. Refugio de Esperanza employs 18-20 people with disabilities most who had previously received their wheelchair from HHIM. For many of them, this is their first opportunity to learn job skills and earn a wage for their family. The country has limited career options and life opportunities because of their disability.

The employees are trained to operate the machinery with assistive technology and are educated on the manufacturing process for building the KidChair. Many of the employees are also trained to help fit the recipient properly in their wheelchair. They are also able to use their life experience of living in a wheelchair, to educate the new wheelchair recipients and their families how to deal with pressure sores, urinary tract infections, proper transfering techniques, etc.  The wheelchairs are distributed in Guatemala, as well as around Central America and Mexico.

Dateline: October 16, 2013
Refugio de Esperanza has Moved
In the past 5 years, 3,633 KidChairs were manufactured in Guatemala by local workers who are also wheelchair users. Refugio de Esperanza moved to a larger facility this summer, doubling production of the HHI KidChair and allowing for three times as much warehouse space. The larger warehouse provides more storage, appropriate production floor space for the manufacturing process, and also has designated areas for seating clinics and for training caregivers on proper wheelchair use. The location is much more visable than the previous shop, and is close by the guest house where volunteers stay. It is also near one of the main city bus routes for easy access for employees and wheelchair recipients.

God led HHI to this new facility as the owners were praying that their building, which had been empty for five years, could be used for a blessed, meaningful purpose. The employees and volunteers are working to get the new warehouse organized. Distributions and manufacturing are still taking place as they get settled.